Thursday, February 14, 2013

Underwater Game

                                                   What's that lurking in the deeps?


This was all kinds of fun. For an underwater puzzle game, in which you searched for Aztec Treasure. The main character isn't the smartest, be he has a good heart and a cat friend named Pirate.

 They both search for treasure with the captain ( second to last image) and his crazy smart niece who figures out the Az-Tech in order to open the ancient maps leading to the next trove.  There are lots of enemies and each treasure is guarded by a solid gold snake monster. Finding the treasure is actually the easy part. Plus you have to watch out for your arch rival and fellow treasure hunter, who will often let you do the hard work first and then snatch the treasure while you're busy.

I loved coming up with the characters, story and badies. One of the more interesting projects I've worked on for sure.


Unknown said...

Great work!

Andrea Dailey said...

Thanks Hannah!

Ricardo said...
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